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All-Dielectric ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

With excellent tensile properties and temperature characteristics.

Life expectancy is greater than 30 years.

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The ADSS cable is loosely wound and the 250μm fiber is placed in a loose tube made of high modulus material. The loose tube is filled with waterproof compound. The loose tube (and the filling rope) is twisted around a non-metallic center reinforcing core (FRP) into a compact core with a gap between the core and a water-blocking paste. The outer core of the cable is extruded into a polyethylene (PE) inner sheath, and then the reinforced aramid is twisted, and finally a polyethylene (PE) outer sheath or an electrical tracking (AT) outer sheath is extruded.


Can be erected continuously.

With AT sheath, it has excellent resistance to electric tracking.

Light weight and small cable diameter reduce the impact of ice, wind and load on towers and supports.

Large span with a maximum span of more than 1000m.

Excellent tensile and temperature properties.

Life expectancy can be up to 30 years.







Attenuation (+20°C)




≤3.0 dB/km

≤3.0 dB/km




≤1.0 dB/km

≤1.0 dB/km


≤0.36 dB/km

≤0.40 dB/km




≤0.22 dB/km




Bandwidth (Class A)




≥500 MHz·km

≥200 MHz·km




≥1000 MHz·km

≥600 MHz·km

Numerical aperture






Cable cut-off wavelength





Aerial ADSS Hybrid Fiber Power Cable

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.