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Latest Optical Tester Data Transmission Analyzer

Touch screen TFT color LCD.

Large capacity Li battery guarantees more than 8 hours’ working without external.

It's the necessary tools for daily maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment installation and maintenance.

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S1300 Data Transmission Analyzer is the latest compact handheld tester developed by Seikofire Technology. It
can be for E1 in-service monitoring as well as BER testing from 50b/s to 2048kb/s, which is the necessary tool for network equipment installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.
S1300 is configured with large touch screen TFT color LCD, and built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery for
more than 8 hours field operation without external power supply. S1300 also supports large capacity
records storage and online upgrade
G.703 E1 testing

  • - Out of service testing and in-service monitoring
  • - Alarm generation and error insertion
  • - Performance analysis according to ITU-Trecommendation
  • - Pattern slips analysis
  • - Clock slips analysis
  • - Clock frequency offset testing
  • - Nx64K testing
  • - Frame setting and analysis
  • - PCM, time slot detection
  • - Time slot data display
  • - Histogram display
  • - Voice monitoring
  • - Auto testing
  • - Round trip delay testing
  • - APS, service disruption testing
V series interfaces testing
  • - V.24/RS232, V.35, V.36/RS449, EIA-530/530A, X.21 interface BER testing
  • - Performance analysis according to ITU-T recommendation
  • Color touch screen TFT LCD
  • Various errors insertion and detection, such as bit, Code, FAS, CRC
  • Large capacity Li-ion battery guarantees more than 8 hours operation
  • Large capacity data storage, 5000 records
  • Test records can be transferred to PC via USB
  • Powerful PC software E1 data management system for comprehensive management and analysis of test data

Maintenance Optical Data Transmission AnalyzerPerformance Data Transmission Analyzer

Handheld Optical Data Transmission Analyzer

Digital Data Transmission Analyzer

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.