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Ten reasons for excessive fusion splicing loss

Dec 03, 2021
1. Select the wrong fiber splicing program; for example, wrongly select the single-mode splicing program as multi-mode;
2. The cutting angle of the end face of the optical fiber is too large;
3. The optical system is dirty, mainly the mirror and the objective lens are dirty;
4. The V-groove is dirty, and the fiber presser foot is dirty;
5. The aging of the electrode leads to too weak discharge intensity; too strong electrode discharge can also lead to excessive welding loss.
6. Displacement of the discharge position leads to excessive welding loss;
7. The horizontal position of the optical fiber is shifted;
8. Changes in the technical parameters of the fusion splicer will also cause excessive splicing loss;
9. Dust into the CCD will also cause excessive splice loss;  
10. Irregular fiber coils in the splice tray and unreasonable installation of fiber splice tubes;
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