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PON in the monitoring center

Oct 15, 2021
The advantages of PON in monitoring are as follows.
1, reduce network construction costs
PON is a traditional solution to build a network at a lower cost than traditional solutions. Most of the traditional video surveillance system is the use of video coaxial cable or network cable, the distance using video optical terminal + optical cable + video optical terminal form of transmission, and the use of PON-PoE technology after an ONU can be connected through the network cable within a hundred meters of multiple IP cameras, the number of devices will be greatly reduced.
2, the entire network stability greatly improved.
PON system is generally splitter and optical fiber, the main component is glass, long service life; no active equipment, also avoids power outages, lightning strikes, overcurrent and overvoltage damage and other common failures of active equipment, high network reliability, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
3, Carry range video surveillance network coverage is wide.
Can provide 0.5 ~ 20KM long-distance video signal access, basically covering the range of medium-sized urban areas, the vast majority of the city's cameras can be directly through the optical network to the image information transmitted to the bureau's video surveillance platform.
4, large transmission bandwidth.
The bandwidth of each ONU can be dynamically adjusted between 2M~1Gbps, and the average uplink bandwidth of each ONU is around 30M, i.e. in one OLT port (backbone fiber can carry 240 video code streams).

5, flexible networking.
Network model is not limited, through the combination of different splitters can be flexible to form a chain, tree, star network. According to the different geographical locations of the camera, as well as the different needs of customers, adjust the networking mode to meet the rationalization of network resources configuration.

6, system expansion is simple.
PON is transparent to a certain extent to the transmission system used, the number of monitoring points need, the transmission side expansion is easy to operate.

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