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5G base station can supply power wirelessly

Nov 05, 2021
No matter how strong the base station is, it can't run without electricity. 
In order to supply power to the base station, the operator has to coordinate with the power company to introduce external electricity to the site and be equipped with a storage battery as a backup power source. 
However, the introduction of this project by out-of-city power has a long period and high cost. in the base station construction, the introduction or transformation period is often too long, which will affect the opening progress of the base station. 
Today, wireless charging technology has been widely used, it gets rid of the shackles of long charging lines, so that we can charge the mobile phone as soon as we put it, which greatly facilitates our daily life. 
Can the base station use wireless power like mobile phones? 
Recently, Ericsson announced a partnership with laser innovation company PowerLight to showcase the world's first wireless-powered 5G base station. 
Ericsson said the proof of concept (PoC) test uses a laser-based technology that converts electricity into a high-intensity beam, which is then captured and converted into electricity at the base station side, thereby replacing the base station's power line to the grid and improving the speed and flexibility of base station deployment. 
How far is the transmission distance? 
The demonstration uses Ericsson 5G millimeter wave base station equipment Streetmacro 6701 and uses PowerLight's laser technology to transmit hundreds of watts of energy over a distance of several hundred meters. 
Ericsson said that this successful demonstration marks the first step in a milestone, and the next step is to achieve longer-distance transmission of kilowatt energy. 
How's the security? 

It is said that the laser beam has a virtual shield, and when a creature or object passes through its propagation path, the shield will automatically activate, temporarily turn off power transmission, and quickly switch the power supply of the base station to the battery. 

This technology uses wireless transmission instead of power supply lines, which can help operators quickly open base station stations, especially for the rapid deployment of urban pole stations and microstations, and is also very suitable for emergency communication security scenarios. 
In addition, it can also provide convenient power for unmanned AGV, drones, sensors and other IoT equipment. 
Remote charging with laser beam is not a new technology. 
It is reported that as early as 2018, the research team at the University of Washington first developed a way to use lasers to safely charge smartphones. 
The team installed a thin battery on the back of the smartphone, demonstrating the use of a laser beam to charge the battery over a long distance. 
In addition, similar to the "virtual shield" function demonstrated by PowerLight and Ericsson, the team also designed a security feature for laser beam charging based on the beam reflection mechanism, that is, when someone tries to cross the laser beam emission path, the charging beam is automatically turned off. 
However, for the first time, Ericsson and PowerLight have extended the application of the technology from home electronics to base station devices, and achieved new breakthroughs in transmission distance and energy.
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