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The Classifications of Optical Fiber Fusion Splicers

July 24 , 2020

Before the fusion of the optical fiber fusion splicer, according to the material and type of the optical fiber, the key parameters such as the pre-melting main melting current and time and the fiber feeding amount are set. During the welding process, the “V” shaped groove, electrode, objective lens, welding chamber, etc. of the welding machine should be cleaned in time. Observe the presence or absence of bubbles, too thin, too thick, virtual fusion, separation, etc. in the welding. Pay attention to the tracking and monitoring of OTDR test instruments. As a result, the causes of the above-mentioned undesirable phenomena were analyzed in time, and corresponding improvement measures were taken.

To understand the fusion splicer, first of all, to understand the classification of the fusion splicer; then, for our use, to choose the corresponding type of fusion splicer.

The most commonly used fiber fusion splicers in our country are basically single-core fiber fusion splicers. The ribbon fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for welding the ribbon cable. It can weld 8 cores and 12 cores at a time. The trunk transmission lines of general cities will use more. The polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for polarization-maintaining special optical cables, and the amount is very small. Fiber fusion splicers are mainly divided into three types: single-core optical fiber fusion splicer, ribbon fiber fusion splicer and polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicer.

Single-core Fusion Splicer

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